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Backup and Recovery Hinesville

In the event of a hurricane, ransomware attack, or another emergency, we will be able to restore your data with a backup and recovery plan.

Avoid disaster by having a data backup and recovery plan.

Don’t let your company and customer data disappear due to human error. Speros uses cloud technology to ensure all of your data is safe in the event of an accident or disaster. Whether your business falls victim to a ransomware attack or is damaged in a severe storm, your data will be safe when you have a backup and recovery plan in place.

Speros ensures that your data is protected.

Secure Data Storage

If your network fails, your data can be corrupted or lost. Preserving your information is the first step in any backup & recovery plan to restore your business.

Regular Backups

A backup that was made weeks ago can force you to recreate your data. Speros managed services include regular backups so none of your information is lost.

Quick Detection

Service interruptions can take many forms. Our technicians will monitor your systems to find out what’s going on and aid in your disaster recovery effort.

Offsite Locations

Speros provides data replication at multiple offsite storage locations to keep you up and running at all times, even if your primary location in Hinesville goes down.

Service Redundancy

Along with offsite storage for your data, it’s important to have secondary resources, such as failover phone and data lines, to use if your primary service goes down.


If you do not test your data backups, you might as well not have them. We regularly test your backup files to make sure your data is functioning properly.

Count on Speros to manage your IT systems and reduce your downtime.

When you outsource your computer IT services to Speros, you will receive expert guidance on managing your IT systems. We can help you minimize downtime and improve productivity.

Speros managed IT services has become one of the most cost-effective and appealing choices for business owners in Hinesville. We provide 24/7 managing, monitoring, updating, and repairing your IT systems. That way you can focus on running your business.

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Let's Work Together

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