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Statesboro Cellular Booster

Increase cell service and enjoy better connectivity with an amplified signal.

Stay connected to your business in any environment.

A cellular booster creates a stronger signal within your Statesboro office or warehouse. Speros is a certified Wilson Electronics installer for wireless signal boosters to give you a better cell phone signal. Speros IT Technicians are trained to install your booster in the best place for you to receive an optimal signal. Each cellular booster is designed to improve cellular coverage by amplifying signals and providing uninterrupted service.

A cellular booster will help you reduce dead zones and increase your indoor cell service.

From your initial consultation and site survey to installation, we will create a custom solution to solve your cellular connectivity issues.


We will review your building plans and survey the site to find the best position for boosting your cell service.


We will design a customized solution specific to help you get a better cell signal inside your building.

The Solution

Once the design is finalized we will implement your solution working promptly to meet your deadline.

A solution for every industry.

Cellular boosting helps increase productivity, safety, and communication in your business. There are a number of factors that can potentially interrupt your cellular signal from construction materials to obstructions, such as other buildings or trees, between you and the closest cell tower. Speros creates custom solutions for improving schools, hospitals, warehouses, and other businesses in Statesboro.

Schedule a consultation.

Learn more about cellular boosting.

Talk to a representative to design your custom solution today.

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