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Charleston Cabling Systems

Whether you are getting a new phone system, upgraded computer network, or a surveillance system, you will need cabling.

The Proper Infrastructure for Your Technology

Structured cabling systems provide the foundation for the majority of your Charleston business technology. Whether you are having a new phone system installed, upgrading your network, or installing surveillance cameras, you will need the cabling to support it. Speros certified technicians are experienced in pulling, dropping, terminating, and testing cabling, as well as designing closet buildouts.

Custom designed cabling systems to fit your Charleston business.

Site Survey

Speros will perform a detailed site survey to learn about the architecture of your building, what cable and hardware is needed, and if cable permits need to be acquired.


Technology technicians will create a detailed blueprint of your building with the type of cable and materials that will be used, and how and where your cable will be placed.


Speros technicians will follow through with the design plan and run all cabling, ensuring it is done quickly and efficently.

Prepare your business for what's ahead.

A well thought-out structured cabling system provides flexibility for the future. Facilitate moves, adds, and changes easily, without unneccessary downtime.

Learn More About our Charleston Cabling Systems

Call us at (912) 354-8900 so we can meet and discuss your cabling needs.

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