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Speros Management
Speros President and CEO Susan Speros

Susan Speros

President / CEO

Susan Speros is a forward thinking entrepreneur who has been actively building businesses most of her life. Born and raised…

Speros Vice President Heather Radtke

Heather Radtke

Vice President

Heather Radtke graduated from Georgia Southern University in 1991 with a Bachelor of Business Administration. In 1990, she started part…

Speros Chief Operating Officer Keith Fletcher

Keith Fletcher

Chief Operating Officer

Keith has been a C level executive with multinational corporations for the past 30 years, Lowe Enterprises (6,500 employees and…

Speros Chief Technology Officer Jason Ryals

Jason Ryals

Chief Technology Officer

Jason Ryals has a passion for computers; they are his hobby and full time career. He has been actively involved…

Speros Hinesville Regional Director Chip Adams

Chip Adams

Regional Director Hinesville

After serving in the US Navy right out of high school, Chip began his career in Telecommunications / Technologies in…

Speros Account Executive Rik LaSpisa

Rik LaSpisa

Director of Sales

A graduate of Houghton College with a B.S. in Business Management, Rik brings over thirteen years of experience in integrated…

Speros Operations Department
Speros Sales Engineer Jeri Sasser

Jeri Sasser

Sales Engineer

Jeri has been an vital part of Speros for 22 years and  is responsible for…

Speros Human Resources and Accounting Barry Mason

Barry Mason


Barry Mason began his career in retail working directly with clients, building relationships and sensing…

Speros IT Operations Manager Van Heath

Van Heath

Director of Operations

Van received a BS in Computer Information Systems with a minor in IBM Enterprise Computing…

Speros Telephony Operations Supervisor

Kristin Mayers

Telephony Operations Supervisor

Kristin is responsible for the daily scheduling of the Speros Telephony Department. She has been…

IT Operations Supervisor - Kelly Quinn - Speros

Kelly Quinn

IT Operations Supervisor

Kelly's career spans from software support and training, to quality assurance testing, to writing software…

Speros Technology Project Manager Michelle Adams

Michelle Adams

CSR / Trainer

Michelle has worked in the telecommunications / technologies industry for over 20 years. She has…

Speros Web and Graphic Designer Lauren Dingus

Lauren Dingus

Web and Graphics Designer

Lauren has been working in the design field since 2005. She earned her Bachelor of…

Jordan Winters - CSR/Administrator - Speros - Savannah, GA

Jordan Winters

Sales Admin
Mallory Teeple - Carrier Management Specialist - Speros - Savannah, GA

Mallory Teeple

Carrier Management Specialist

Mallory spent 20 years in Sarasota, Florida as an owner of a sign sales and…

Speros Asset Management Greg Merritt

Greg Merritt

Asset Management

Greg returned to Speros after 15 years of operations management within the propane and natural…

Speros IT Department
Speros IT Technician Chris Waters

Chris Waters

Senior IT Technician

During his time at Ogeechee Tech, he became a member of the Career Services Advisory…

Speros IT Technician Andrew Jenkins

Andrew Jenkins

Senior IT Technician

Andrew had boundless energy coupled with keen technical skills.  He has two associates degrees from…

Senior Systems Engineer - Robert White - Speros

Robert White

Senior IT Technician

Robert has extensive experience in IT management, networking, and systems administration. He received his Bachelor's from…

Speros IT Technician Shawn Kraft

Shawn Kraft

IT Technician

Shawn is an Army Veteran who served for 8 years, he has his BS from…

Speros IT Technician

Phillip Hagan

IT Technician

Phillip graduated from Georgia Southern University in 2014 with a B.S. in Information Technology. He…

Wesley Christain - IT Technician - Speros - Savannah, GA

Wesley Christain

IT Technician
Michael Canejo Speros IT Technician

Michael Canejo

IT Technician
Speros Telephony Department
Speros Senio Telephony Engineer Jay Hansbrough

Jay Hansbrough

Senior Telephony Engineer

Jay is manufacturer certified on over 30 different voice and data systems; he is a…

Speros Telephony Technician - Anthony Nardella

Anthony Nardella

Telephone Technician
Speros Telephone Technician Leany Wood

Leany Wood

Telephony Technician

Leany is a U.S. Army Veteran with a BS in Information Technology specializing in networking…

Speros Telephone Technician Brandi Henry

Brandi Henry

Telephone Technician

Brandi has more than 5 years experience managing warehouses and delivering customer service. Brandi began…

Speros Low Voltage Cable Technician - Elias Mayorga

Elias Mayorga

Telephone Technician
Speros Low Voltage Cable Technician - Steve Roberts

Steve Roberts

Telephone Technician