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Point-to-Point Wireless Hinesville

Enjoy extended WiFi coverage simply and effectively.

Extend your WiFi coverage and increase throughput.

A point-to-point wireless bridge allows users to wirelessly connect multiple sites together. It can connect buildings a few feet or a few miles away from each other without having to use physical cables to connect the building. This allows you to share internet service, files, videos, and more between multiple sites or locations.

A wireless solution for every application.

Line of Sight

Your most common scenario, the two locations are less than a mile apart, have a clear, unobstructed, line of sight, from building to building.

Non Line of Sight

The two locations do not have a clear line of sight. A stronger frequency may be required in order to penetrate obstacles such as trees.

Commercial Grade

A commercial grade setup is used when greater requirements are needed. These systems provide high reliability, and speed.

High Security

A high security solution is used in the case of goverment, military, or other public use sectors that require higher security and encryption.

A solution for every industry.

Whether you need to connect multiple locations for your business or connect multiple buildings on campus, Speros will design a point-to-point wireless solution that works for your Hinesville business.

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