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Infrared Cameras

Infrared cameras provide reliable detection, delivered 24 hours, every day of the week.

Monitor your business night and day.

Infrared cameras help you keep watch of your business no matter what time of day it is. From pitch-black darkness to full sunlight, you can detect people and objects around your business. Infrared cameras, also called thermal imaging cameras, create images based on the heat that radiates from people and objects, therefore they are less sensitive to light conditions such as shadows or darkness.

Complete your surveillance system with an infrared camera.

Standard cameras can have trouble identifying potential threats in low light situations, and can often give false positives due to lighting, weather, and other interferences. An infrared camera can give you more reliable feedback by using heat signatures to develop thermal imaging.

Reliable Detection

See threats otherwise invisible to the naked eye with imaging that isn’t affected by shadows or backlight.

Full Visibility

Clear video in daylight, nighttime, and bad weather conditions.

Advanced Analytics

Easily tell the difference between humans, animals, and vehicles for fewer false alarms.

Add dimension to your surveillance system.

Infrared cameras pick up where your CCTV cameras leave off, making them the perfect addition to your surveillance system. If you have a difficult outdoor area or a wide perimeter to monitor, infrared cameras can help easily identify unwanted threats in a longer range and in a variety of conditions. The Speros team can easily integrate infrared cameras with your current CCTV system.

Complete your surveillance system

Call us at (912) 354-8900 so we can meet and discuss your surveillance needs.

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