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The Speros Cloud is Right for Your Business

Our Data Center encompasses all critical components necessary to ensure you receive reliability, redundancy, speed, real-time back-up, security, and overall peace of mind with cloud hosting

Upgrade Your Network

With cloud computing, you will never need to purchase new server equipment. You will also have the latest technology, and your company’s internal network will have the support of multiple IT professionals.

Instant Disaster Recovery

The Speros IT professionals monitor our cloud clients 24/7. Our data center is secure, fully protected, and not susceptible to power outages or glitches. Real time back-ups go to Atlanta, San Diego, and Ontario, Canada.

Software Licensing Compliance

Speros is a Microsoft partner. Therefore, the Speros Cloud always has the latest software. When Microsoft issues new software, you will receive the latest technology.


The Speros Cloud is the right choice for your business. Our IT technicians can verify Cloud compatibility with any software you use for your business.

Learn More About Cloud Computing

What is Cloud Computing?

With our cloud hosting services, you will no longer have to spend a lot of money on purchasing a server to have on-site at your business, or on maintaining the equipment. You will have the latest software and updates, and your company’s network will be supported by our IT Professionals, for a reasonable monthly service fee.

Total Cost Estimates - 36 Months

Traditional Server $79555
Cloud $17872