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Have Peace of Mind with Video Surveillance

We can help you keep an eye on your business no matter where you may be. The benefits of having a surveillance system in place range from improving employee productivity to acting as a deterrent for crime. Our team has the cabling, networking, and installation know-how to help you monitor your office, warehouse, parking lot, or any other space you wish to keep an eye on.

Design & Installation

The Speros surveillance engineers will visit your location, and consult with you regarding camera systems and placement to maximize your system performance, and improve your security.

Live Recording & Remote Viewing

The video surveillance systems we install feature live local viewing, live remote viewing, recording, local playback, and remote playback. You will also have the ability to see what is going on in your business from any device.

24 Hour Service & Support

Our team is available for system support 24 hours a day. We provide you the most comprehensive training programs available to ensure you receive the maximum benefit from your new surveillance equipment.

Keep an Eye on Your Business

IP Cameras

IP cameras are connected to your network. They give you better picture quality, the ability to easily scale your system, and allow you to flag specific events in your camera’s view.

Digital Cameras

Digital cameras connect directly to a DVR. This limits the size of your system, making them ideal for small size buildings. Digital cameras can capture footage at 1080p resolution.

Dome Cameras

Dome cameras are able to capture up-close views. This makes them ideal for inside applications. They are typically installed in hallways and office areas within a building.

Bullet Cameras

Best used outside of a building or inside a warehouse, these cameras are manually adjusted to point to a specific location, have a wider view, and can capture distance shots.

PTZ Cameras

Standing for Pan / Tilt / Zoom, PTZ cameras are remotely controlled, allowing you to adjust where the camera is pointing or change the zoom of the camera easily.

Specialty Cameras

Whether you need panoramic views, 360º views, license plate cameras, or a variety of cameras, we can recommend the right camera for the specific location it is intended.

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