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Comprehensive Firewall Protection for an Affordable Monthly Fee

As a SonicWALL™ Firewall Silver Level Provider, you have the option of renting a flexible, powerful, and intuitive network security solution for your business. Combined with managed services, Our SonicWALL™ firewall rental delivers the most effective anti-malware, intrusion prevention, content/URL filtering and application control; along with the broadest most secure mobile platform support for laptops, smartphones, and tablets.


Our Expert IT professionals will monitor you network to ensure that your firewall is up-to-date protecting your data. Monitoring allows Speros to protect your network from spyware, spam, and viruses.

Supplemental Maintenance

If your firewall needs to be sent back for service, Speros will swap out your hardware with a loaner. We will perform the necessary service, and then restore it to the configurations in your backup.


Speros will send you detailed reports regarding how much bandwidth you are using, how often your employees are surfing the web, and what websites they are viewing while on the internet.

Get Firewall as a Service for Your business.