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We Build Long-term Relationships with Our Customers

Speros provides service to more than 4,000 businesses in Georgia and South Carolina. Our customers include schools, attorneys, doctors, churches, manufacturing facilities, and other businesses that rely on telephone systems, computer networks, websites, and surveillance systems for their daily operations.

The teams at Speros and Momentum made the transition to our new phone system extremely easy and smooth, despite the setbacks we faced from our corporate office! They were efficient, professional and patient with us throughout the entire process. We couldn’t be happier with our new phone system – the call quality is excellent, and the phones themselves are very user-friendly. Most importantly, the customer service has been wonderful! Our office has been and will continue to refer Speros to our clients and colleagues.

I was having some problems with my email so I called your office and spoke with Kristin Mayers. She figured out really quick that I’m not real computer smart. She was very helpful to me and we were able to fix my problem. She never acted bothered by helping me. If I could, I would pat her on the back and say thank you. But, I’m 6 hours away, so I would appreciate you doing it for me. Thanks for the help and support.

Lauren was very helpful putting together posters and banners for several of our club projects this year, and designing our new website. Her knowledge and professionalism is second to none. She made these projects fun for me. I was so impressed with her, I recommended her to Garlana Mathews. Needless to say, Garlana is thrilled with her services. I will be recommending her services whenever I can.

We chose Speros because we wanted a company that specialized in web design. We knew Susan as a member of the Lions Club of Savannah, and an active supporter of good causes. After our first meeting with Lauren and Susan, we were very pleased with their estimate and time frame. We have and will continue to recommend Speros.

After a few years of running our old site, we decided that the Homes of Integrity website needed a major overhaul. When meeting with Lauren, the web designer, I immediately knew that we were in the hands of someone who would go above and beyond to get us where we wanted to be. The combination of her modern design taste and understanding of our product made it very easy for us to work together and the final product was truly everything we could have expected it to be. She was patient and accommodating throughout the entire process and she continues to help us as we improve on the site each day. I would highly recommend working with the Speros team as they have treated us like family during this crucial time for our company’s re-branding.

Last night at 11:00 pm I remembered to text Van and James about James helping me this morning with Skyping a board member into a meeting. The meeting started at 8:00 am, so I needed James to be here by 7:30 am. Van was already on top of the scheduling, and James was here at 7:20 am.

It’s not often you can contact your technology company at 11:00 pm at night and have service by 7:30 am the next morning. This was a big stressful meeting for me, so having James there to do the technology piece was an incredible relief for me. I think my blood pressure dropped a billion points.

So…thank you, and I truly appreciate the support Speros provides to BC!!! You all rock!

Each time I call Speros for service or a piece of new equipment, I know that I have made the right and the smart choice for our school.

Your product knowledge is beyond compare, and your service personnel represent Speros proudly.  They are on time, efficient, and friendly.  They explain everything they are doing, and before they leave, they assure that we are happy.

We are loyal and happy customers, and proud to tell anyone that call us to “go with Speros”.

Thanks for all you do.

This is the first time our camera system has been fully operational in 2–3 years. Speros is well worth the money, and even when they suggested newer equipment, they never pushed, understanding budget and financial issues. Mr. Wood, whom rewired and reconnected all the cameras, was experienced, and though it was hot and humid, worked to get all cameras going. We’ll definitely use Speros again.

I know I will be forever grateful to you and your company for bringing BC into this century! You, and every single person from Speros with whom we have had the pleasure to deal, have been so professional and easy to work with—especially when some here don’t even know what questions to ask!

May you always be happy.

Andrew is extremely helpful and communicates what has to be done, or what was done after he completes a request. He always has a cheerful personality, and is able to work with all kinds of people. He sees a job through to completion, and periodically looks to make sure everything is still working properly. You should be very proud of him representing your company! Great job, Andrew!!!!!

I’ve been working with Speros for probably 30 years, and [in that time] you learn who the go-to people are. If you call the office and Jeri picks up the phone, you know that she will have the answers you’re looking for. It seems that she’s tied to Google and knows everything. Well, that’s Jeri. Every time I call and get Jeri, she knows everything about the systems they support, technical setup and configurations, invoicing, billing information, period. She’s always very professional and provides exceptional customer service. Thank you again Jeri for all you do.

The installation of our new server along with the upgrading of our practice management software went extremely well. Chris Waters, who was the leading technician, did an outstanding job. His patience with the staff, frequent communication with me, dedication to completing the project in a timely manner, and his attention to detail was excellent.

I was initially very concerned about the conversion, and yet Chris’ knowledge and dedication to the project insured that things went very smoothly.

I would like to commend Chris for his leadership, expertise, and professionalism and thank him for his valuable help.

It is with pleasure that I write this testimonial for James Hoff of Speros. James’ expertise in the field of technology is most evident. There has not been one issue, large or small, that has not been handled with a professional attitude. James is quick to understand our issues, quick to see all angles of each one, and quicker to take care of them. He is an effective and efficient technician, and focused at all times on his work. James sees the big picture here at BC and that is exactly what we need.

As a person, James is friendly and very pleasant to all BC personnel. He is never rushed or in a hurry, and he always has a smile for all. His understanding nature lends itself perfectly to some of the rather goofy, simplistic questions he is asked or tasks he finds to tackle on our sign-up sheet.

James is a pleasure to know and a delight to work with.

Managing a Municipal Information Technology department on a small, popular and rapidly developing barrier island presents a unique set of challenges. Realizing that our limited staff budget could not adequately provide all the expertise needed to meet these challenges, I began looking to form a relationship with a local technical service and support organization that could augment our skill sets and enhance continuity of operations in both normal and disaster conditions. I initially sought out Speros for assistance with smaller scale, in house projects such as server and network hardware upgrades and video surveillance needs, but quickly grew comfortable with their knowledge and professionalism. With that trust in place, we began planning larger, long term, enterprise level initiatives, including: local and offsite data backup operations, email and domain controller hosting via their cloud, VoIP telecommunications implementations and large scale, high demand, outdoor Wi-Fi services. Aside from the obvious benefits of having such a valuable resource, are the intangibles of familiarity and security that are only developed through experience and success. I have had occasion in the past to recommend Speros, with confidence, to local businesses and am proud to offer this testimonial on their behalf.

Our organization has been a client of Speros for over twelve years. Actually it has been more of a partnership. They have been there not only to solve current issues, but to help plan for the future. The service techs are knowledgeable and quick to respond. Once on site, they identify the issue, find a resolution, and then share their knowledge. There isn’t a service call that goes by that I haven’t learned something. Thank you for sharing your wealth of information.

The Speros Cloud has made a big difference in terms of cost and effectiveness. It will save you time, improve your operation, and save you money. The cloud is perfect for a small business that doesn’t have their own IT staff.

The technology that Speros installed is state of the art. There were many parts to switching to electronic medical records that we were not even aware of, Speros allowed us to not have to think about it, they had it taken care of.

Your entire staff is great to work with and we are very happy with the service we receive from each and every one of them.  Your company is very valuable to us in our telephone and IT needs and it is a pleasure to work with such a good group of people.  I would recommend Speros for everyone’s telephone and IT needs and do when given the opportunity.

Service after the sale is synonymous with Speros.

It is not often that the time is taken to praise the efforts of a company and its staff; however, I felt it necessary to write you in order to recognize excellent customer service. Service after the sale is definitely synonymous with Speros and we will continue to recommend your company in the future.

Job Well Done!
I have used Speros IT group for several years and continue to rely on them for all my IT needs. Unfortunately, I have also had experience with 2 other IT companies who created more problems than resolving the issue at hand. Every time this occurred, Speros came in and fixed the issue. In one instance, where I was associated with a large corporate entity, the corporation’s IT group even subcontracted Speros to resolve our issues that they couldn’t. That spoke to the expertise of the employees at Speros. They have a very knowledgeable staff who are personable and attentive to my needs. Whenever I have an issue, they respond quickly and get it resolved. I am more impressed by the fact that the executives and owners are heavily involved in the day to day operations and are easily approachable. That gives me the sense of devotion and teamwork amongst the company. They have been very resourceful in recommending new business solutions such as a new VOIP system that has been wonderful. It has saved my business a considerable amount of money. I will continue to use Speros as we move forward in to the future and expect that they will continue to meet or exceed the current markets technological requirements and advancements.

Speros of Savannah became our sole computer repair/maintenance company in late 2009. We had been experiencing on-going troubles and our provider at the time was not able to give the service we needed. The team at Speros met with us, diagnosed our issues, understood our needs and provided a package custom made for our firm. We implemented these changes over a period of time, and our firm is thrilled with the service provided. Speros has been dependable, reliable and efficient in their service.

The transition was as painless as possible when one upgrades the main server. The team at Speros has been quick to respond when issues have presented themselves, and have always been courteous, helpful and efficient in their method of operation. The team at Speros is both friendly and professional. We feel like family, and as such, when we are in need, they respond. Fortunately, since our upgrade, our needs have become few and far between, but it eases our minds to know that Speros is just a phone call, text or email away.

I highly recommend Speros as a provider of service and maintenance of all things technical be it computer, phone, or security related. Please feel free to call me with any other questions you may have regarding our service from Speros.

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