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Digital Phone Systems

The modern upgrade to your old school analog telephone system.

Packed with features, digital phone systems are built to last

The phrase “they don’t make them like they used to” doesn’t apply to digital phone systems. These phones are the modern version of the analog phone you’ve had in your office for years.

Set it and Forget it

Your new digital system is not only built to last but will have all of the essential features you need, with no crazy codes to remember, like call recording, transfer, or park.


With up to 48 programmable feature keys and the ability to add an addition 60 feature keys through an expansion console, the productivity tools you need are at your fingertips.

Dedicated Voice Data

Digital phones allow you to keep your phone data and your network data separate. Your phone lines will also remain unaffected should your internet go down.

Unlimited Calling

Local and long distance calling is unlimited within the United States, Mexico, and Canada. You can also make calls over the internet using your computer and headset with our softphone software.

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