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IP Camera Systems

IP cameras give you the best video quality, maximum coverage, and the ability to trigger specific events in your camera’s view.

IP camera systems are a key component in your business security plan.

Many business owners want to be able to monitor the activity in and around their office, warehouse, storefront, or other facility. Whether your goal is to prevent crime and increase safety or improve productivity, Speros can provide you with a custom IP camera solution for your Savannah business.

IP camera systems are one of the best long-term investments you can make for your business.

The biggest benefit of an IP camera system is how easily you can add to it. You won’t be limited by your DVR. In fact, you won’t even need a DVR. IP cameras hook up to a recorder (NVR) that is on your network. This makes it easy to expand your system down the road.

Intelligence & Analytics

We can program your cameras to respond to different events. Whether you want motion detection or to setup a trip line, we can help you record it.

Camera Coverage

An IP camera system allows you to do more with less. By having multiple sensors, these cameras can take the place of up to 4 analog cameras.

Installation & Maintenance

An IP cameras are easier to install than their analog counterparts. Also, they require less overall maintenance during their lifespan.

Future planning for your camera system.

Are you interested in an IP camera system but aren’t ready to replace all of your analog cameras? We can help you build a hybrid system. You can replace your most important cameras with IP and then replace the rest as they fail. This way you can better plan for the future of your surveillance system.

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*Please note that Speros does not service residential surveillance systems. 

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