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Office Sound Masking Systems

Keep your workspace quiet and your conversations private with our office sound masking systems.

Speech Privacy In The Workplace

While many companies have moved away from closed office arrangements to open floor plans in an effort to promote a collaborative work environment, this has also caused issues with concentration and privacy in the workplace. Sound masking systems are the perfect solution to this dilemma. These sound masking systems add an ambient background sound to an office space to reduce noise distractions and protect private conversations.

Did you know that speech privacy machines can be very beneficial to the workplace?

15-25 minutes is...

the amount of time a typical worker needs to recover from a noise distraction on the job.

You can expect up to 20% increase...

in employee productivity output when a sound masking solution is implemented.

More than 80% of workers...

say they would be more productive if their workspace provided more acoustic privacy.

Speech Privacy

Many offices today face privacy issues in the workplace for either noise levels being too low, allowing your conversation to be heard across a room or there is so much noise that you need to speak louder.

Healthcare offices and legal firms are the ideal users for green noise systems because of the required privacy policies in place for each. Healthcare offices are required by HIPPA to meet privacy regulations concerning their patients.

Who Needs Sound Masking?

Industries and offices that can benefit from sound masking include, but are not limited to:

  • Financial Services
  • Call Centers
  • Health Care
  • Insurance
  • Hotels
  • Government Offices
  • Professional Services

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