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Get the most from your telecommunications services with Carrier Management.

Dealing with the phone carriers can be frustrating and time-consuming. From being put on hold, to being transferred from representative after representative, it can feel like you’re getting the runaround. When you choose Speros for your voice and data carrier management services, we become the liaison between you and the carrier. We use our contacts and experience with the carriers to get you the best service available.

Speros Connects You To The World

Speros will provide your company with a value added telephone carrier audit. Our audit might discover carrier connectivity discrepancies on your monthly charges. When we finalize the analysis we will be prepared to consult with you on areas of improvement.

Faster Speeds and Shared Services

The telecom industry is constantly changing. Take advantage of the industry expertise we possess and allow us the opportunity to increase your bandwidth, consolidate your services and save you money! We have been doing just that for thousands of business customers for over 30 years.

Benefit from Carrier Management.

We handle your voice and data carrier issues.

When you experience an outage, we properly inform the carrier of the issue, and when possible, escalate the issue using our contacts with the carrier. We will communicate information we receive from the carrier to you as quickly as possible. We provide service 24/7.


An issue effecting a single user or phone number that is not significantly impacting your business. The carrier will be called within 90 minutes during normal business hours.


An issue effecting multiple lines and users, but where the service is still functional. The carrier will be called within 30 minutes during normal business hours.


When your voice or data is impacted to the point you can’t conduct normal business. The carrier will be called within 10 minutes during normal business hours.