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Susan Speros is a forward thinking entrepreneur who has been actively building businesses most of her life. Born and raised in Ohio, Susan received enormous support from her Mother, and her entrepreneur spirit from her second generation Greek father.

Susan has always found ways to improve, accept a challenge and innovate. While excelling in swimming and gymnastics in her high school years she learned that practice, discipline and a competitive spirit are the true keys to success.

Susan attended the University of Dayton majoring in physical education. Prior to entering the technology field she had a variety of jobs; including a stint as a professional diving board diver and dolphin show performer in Mexico.

She began in the telecommunications industry in Dayton, Ohio in the late 70’s. The technology field was a perfect fit for her with its many challenges and constant changes.

Susan moved from Ohio to Savannah in the early 80’s to be the Branch Manager for Dataphonics; shortly after that they closed their offices. Instead of leaving Savannah she stayed and continued in the telecommunication business before establishing her own technology Company, Speros in 1984.

The opportunity to consult with other business owners about their technology challenges, along with the chance to learn something new every day about technology continues to inspire her. An old fashion handshake and her word have guided her since starting Speros in 1984.

Speros continues to diversify and grow, keeping at the forefront of technology and the Speros name has become synonymous with great customer service and technological expertise. Speros launched their own Speros Cloud Service hosted in their state-of-the-art data center in Savannah in 2010. They are today and will continue to be, “Technology That You Can Trust.”

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