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Disaster Recovery Plan - Speros - Savannah, GA
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When disaster hits, are you prepared? Disasters come in many forms.  Whether it’s a natural disaster like a hurricane or cybersecurity threats like ransomware attacks, if you don’t have a disaster recovery plan in place, then you are unprepared. Natural and human disasters can cause significant damage to your business and bring it to a halt. If you do not have a disaster and a business continuity plan in place, then now is the time to start developing one. In this article, we will walk you through a holistic approach to creating and implementing your disaster recovery plan.

What type of disasters are there?

Before we jump into developing your plan, let’s review the potential types of threats out there.

Natural disasters are one of the first threats that come to mind. For business owners in the coastal empire, hurricanes and severe thunderstorms top the list, but other threats to consider are fires and flooding. Natural disasters can cause power failures and infrastructural damage which can potentially lead to data loss.

Cyberthreats are the next biggest disasters, and they are increasing consistently. The potential of falling victim to a malware or ransomware attack is much higher than you may perceive.  Without a proper backup and recovery plan in place, you could be forced to pay a ransom or simply lose your data completely.

Human error is one of the biggest threats to your business.  Common mistakes like accidentally deleting files, forgetting to back up your device, or spilling your coffee on your workstation can lead to substantial data loss.

With so many different types of threats out there, it is important to have a disaster and recovery plan in place and ready to go. We’ve created a quick list to get you started.


First and foremost, you must determine which operations are the most critical to the function of your business. In other words, what functions would cause your business to come to a complete stop if they went down? This will be different depending on the type of business you have but there are a few key components to think about. For example, what type of data do you collect from your clients that would put them at risk if it were lost? Bring together the leaders in your organization and identify what risks would impede your organization most so that you can develop a strategy.


Run through different disaster scenarios with your team. If an epidemic happened, would you be able to easily transition to working remotely? If a hurricane hit and you had to evacuate, would your data be safe? You should develop a plan for each type of scenario so that you are prepared for whatever comes your way.


It is essential that you develop a communication plan. Your leadership team should be assigned specific roles. Who will notify your team? If clients need to be notified, who will do that? In what order should everyone be contacted? What information are you sharing? There are many moving parts, and it is important that each person knows their role so that they can carry out their duties.

Develop a data backup and recovery plan

While most small business owners think they will never fall victim to a disaster, the fact is, that it is unavoidable. It may be something as small as an employee accidentally deleting files or as serious as a cybercriminal taking your data and holding it for ransom. Either way, it is critical that you have a plan in place that you can execute immediately. Your plan should include backing up and storing your data in a safe environment, ensuring you have a remote monitoring tool, documenting a work-from-home plan, making sure your team knows their roles, ensuring you have surge protectors and backup battery systems, having procedures for contacting your IT provider and more.


There is no point in developing your disaster recovery plan if you don’t test it! It’s important to run a drill and test your team. This will help you identify any missing or weak areas that need improvement.

Developing a disaster recovery plan can be a daunting task. Consult your IT Providers to develop a strong plan that will prepare you for any disaster that might come your way.


"Great staff! immediately responsive to our urgent repair requests. They were meticulous in diagnosing our issues and made the repairs as quickly as they could. They are a pleasure to work with! Speros provided emergency repair service during a weekend when our cabling suffered accidental damage. Speros dispatched two technicians that worked tirelessly to restore the multiple severed fiber cables.  It was not long before the entire campus was back to normal.  It was exceptional and timely service by Speros."

Joan Strother
Savannah Country Day

"Speros has been our law firm's primary internet service provider for 10+ years. Rarely do I need to ask for a service work order because they are on top of regular maintenance. Recently, I was getting requests to reboot following critical software, asked to set reboots to be automatic after midnight, so it did not disrupt our workdays. Within 30 minutes of my request, it was done. THAT is good service. THANK YOU, SPEROS Team."

Doug Andrews
Andrews & Sanders Law Firm

"Have worked with Speros for over two decades mostly for old school landline requirements of my medical office.
Now have needed a website design.
In these extremely difficult times for all, I have found Heather, Esther, and Mary Elizabeth a phenomenal team to work thru this new endeavor for my private practice's needs."

Dr. Richard Roth
Roth Aviation Medical Services

"I am starting my own medical practice and have chosen Speros to assist with my logo design, website, IT support and phone systems. Great experience. The team at Speros is knowledgeable and professional."

Dr. Ismary De Castro
Savannah Endocrinology

"Everyone at Speros was very friendly and helpful. They communicated with our existing software/hardware management company and made it out to work on our network quickly on short notice, and had the whole issue solved in very little time. Will use this business again for our network needs. The tech that came out was amazingly easy to work with and was respectful of our hospitals covid-19 policies."

Anthony Phoumivong

"The biggest benefit of having Speros install and maintain our networking, servers, and backups have been the reliability. They provide professional, personalized service and have rapid response times. You can trust Speros to provide you with fast, professional service, and to resolve your complex issues quickly!"

Paul Waldhour
Paper Chemical Supply

"The biggest benefit of having Speros as our IT provider is their fast response times. Speros stays on top of your issues, and they follow through to make sure your problems are resolved correctly. They are a pleasure to work with!"

Ann Cowart
Oelschigs Nursery


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