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Speros' Comprehensive Guide To Low Voltage Cabling

In Savannah’s dynamic economy, reliable network infrastructure is a necessity for every company in every industry. Speros is passionate about empowering local businesses by providing them with the tools they need to succeed. As a leading provider of low voltage cabling solutions, we’re here to demystify this technology and explain how it can fuel your company’s growth.

Understanding the Fundamentals: What is Low Voltage Cabling?

Low voltage cabling is an underappreciated facet of modern communication systems– it’s present in every building you can think of, from restaurants to warehouses. It’s a network of cables and wires specifically designed to carry electrical signals, typically below 50 volts. This distinction in voltage sets it apart from the standard power cables you might think of when imagining cable infrastructure– those operate at much higher levels, typically 110 or 220 volts. However, it’s important to note that companies within the state of Georgia (and most other states) must hold a low voltage license of some kind with the state to complete low voltage work.

Within a low voltage cabling system, there are various types of cables, each suited for specific applications.

Twisted-pair cables feature pairs of insulated copper wires that are twisted together to minimize signal interference. This cable is ideal for data transmission in networks.

Coaxial cable has a single copper conductor, surrounded by insulation and a braided metal shield. It’s commonly used for high-bandwidth applications, like cable TV and internet connections. In fact, you probably have at least one of these at your home, connected to your internet router!

Fiber optic cables utilize thin glass or plastic fibers to transmit light signals. These cables offer superior transmission speed and distance compared to copper cables. These cables are increasingly popular for high-performance networks, and they’re one of the most common types of cables that we work with.

There are some other important components that are helpful to know, too.

Connectors act as the interface between cables and equipment, ensuring secure and reliable signal transmission. Common connector types include RJ-45 (for network cables), BNC (for coaxial cables) and SC or LC (for fiber optic cables).

Patch panels serve as centralized connection points for cables, allowing for easy organization, management, and troubleshooting of network infrastructure.

Rack enclosures are sturdy cabinets that house network equipment like switches, routers, and servers, providing protection and organization for your IT infrastructure. 

How is Low Voltage Cabling Used?

Low voltage cabling plays a very important role in operating a wide range of communication and technology systems within Savannah businesses.

Data networking, which is essentially the backbone of any modern business, requires low voltage cabling infrastructure to transmit data signals between computers, servers, and other network devices, ensuring seamless communication and efficient information flow.

Whether utilizing traditional phone lines, Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solutions, or the option that’s most popular today– digital phone systems– low voltage cabling provides the necessary infrastructure for clear and reliable voice communication.

Security cameras, access control systems, and intrusion alarms all rely on low voltage cabling to transmit critical data and ensure real-time monitoring and control to keep people and assets safe even during off hours.

From digital signage and conference rooms to entertainment areas, low voltage cabling provides the foundation for the highest-quality audio and video transmission.

Modern buildings also often integrate lighting control, smart HVAC systems, and other important functionalities. Low voltage cabling allows for centralized management and optimization of these systems.

The Advantages of Professional Installation

Partnering with a professional low voltage cabling installer, like Speros, offers a multitude of benefits for your Savannah business.

Our experienced technicians have the knowledge and expertise to design and install systems optimized for your specific needs. This means faster data transfer speeds, reduced network congestion and enhanced network performance, and a more reliable network overall.

A well-designed low voltage cabling system is not just about today’s needs. It’s scalable in order to accommodate future growth and the integration of new technologies. Our team plans for future expansion, ensuring that your network can adapt as your business evolves.

Information security

Compared to wireless networks, low voltage cabling offers a more secure solution. While they both have their place, and modern businesses use wireless networks too, physical cables can be less susceptible to hacking or interference, minimizing the risk of data breaches and unauthorized access. This is especially crucial for businesses handling sensitive information.

The benefits of a reliable installation team

Our team always prioritizes meticulous installation practices, minimizing disruptions and ensuring minimal downtime during the setup process. This translates to less impact on your daily operations in the event of a tech problem. Plus, our reliable team is always here to help if your company does run into an issue!

Partner with Savannah’s Low Voltage Cabling Leader

Speros is dedicated to being more than just a low voltage cabling provider– we’re your trusted partner in building a robust and future-proof network infrastructure. We’ve earned our reputation as Savannah’s industry leader, having successfully implemented low voltage cabling solutions for some of the city’s biggest businesses.

Our team of highly skilled technicians are not just knowledgeable about the technology they work with; they’re passionate about delivering exceptional service. Their dedication ensures that every project is completed meticulously, on time, and within budget.

Partnering with Speros means not just investing in a low voltage cabling system; it’s investing in the future of your business. We empower your technology to work at its peak, allowing you to focus on what matters most: driving your company’s growth and success.

Contact us today for a consultation and discover how our expertise can transform your network infrastructure and propel your Savannah business into the future.


"Great staff! immediately responsive to our urgent repair requests. They were meticulous in diagnosing our issues and made the repairs as quickly as they could. They are a pleasure to work with! Speros provided emergency repair service during a weekend when our cabling suffered accidental damage. Speros dispatched two technicians that worked tirelessly to restore the multiple severed fiber cables.  It was not long before the entire campus was back to normal.  It was exceptional and timely service by Speros."

Joan Strother
Savannah Country Day

"Speros has been our law firm's primary internet service provider for 10+ years. Rarely do I need to ask for a service work order because they are on top of regular maintenance. Recently, I was getting requests to reboot following critical software, asked to set reboots to be automatic after midnight, so it did not disrupt our workdays. Within 30 minutes of my request, it was done. THAT is good service. THANK YOU, SPEROS Team."

Doug Andrews
Andrews & Sanders Law Firm

"Have worked with Speros for over two decades mostly for old school landline requirements of my medical office.
Now have needed a website design.
In these extremely difficult times for all, I have found Heather, Esther, and Mary Elizabeth a phenomenal team to work thru this new endeavor for my private practice's needs."

Dr. Richard Roth
Roth Aviation Medical Services

"I am starting my own medical practice and have chosen Speros to assist with my logo design, website, IT support and phone systems. Great experience. The team at Speros is knowledgeable and professional."

Dr. Ismary De Castro
Savannah Endocrinology

"Everyone at Speros was very friendly and helpful. They communicated with our existing software/hardware management company and made it out to work on our network quickly on short notice, and had the whole issue solved in very little time. Will use this business again for our network needs. The tech that came out was amazingly easy to work with and was respectful of our hospitals covid-19 policies."

Anthony Phoumivong

"The biggest benefit of having Speros install and maintain our networking, servers, and backups have been the reliability. They provide professional, personalized service and have rapid response times. You can trust Speros to provide you with fast, professional service, and to resolve your complex issues quickly!"

Paul Waldhour
Paper Chemical Supply

"The biggest benefit of having Speros as our IT provider is their fast response times. Speros stays on top of your issues, and they follow through to make sure your problems are resolved correctly. They are a pleasure to work with!"

Ann Cowart
Oelschigs Nursery