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Charleston Technology Services

Whether you want to modernize your phone system, upgrade your network, or develop a company website, we have a solution for you.

Business Telephone Systems

Business Telephone Systems - VoIP Phone Systems - Speros - Savannah, GA

Business Telephone Systems Charleston

From hosted VoIP to on-premises systems, we have the right multi-line phones for you.
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Woman talking on a hosted voip phone - Speros - Savannah, GA

Hosted VoIP Systems Charleston

Experience the benefits of cloud technology for your phone system.

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Business Telephone Systems - VoIP Phone Systems - Speros - Savannah, GA

Charleston VoIP Phone Systems

The reliability of a traditional phone system with the added flexibility of network connectivity

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Woman using a digital phone system - Speros - Savannah, GA

Charleston Digital Phone Systems

The modern upgrade to your old school analog telephone system.

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Paging Systems Speakers - Speros - Savannah

Charleston Paging Systems

With a wide range of types and uses, paging systems provide you with a number of internal communication options for…

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Carrier Management - small business phone and internet service - Speros - Savannah, GA

Business Internet and Phone Charleston

Our complimentary carrier services are available to any business — not just existing customers.

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IT Services and Support

Remote IT Support - Speros - Savannah, GA

Charleston Remote IT Support

Due to COVID-19, you may be deciding to move your operations to a remote solution. Speros is here to help…

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Computer IT Services - Speros - Savannah, GA

Charleston Computer IT Services

Protect your data and develop long-term technology solutions for your company network.
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Managed Services Provider - Speros - Savannah, GA

Charleston Managed Services Provider

Speros is the premier managed services provider in Charleston, SC.

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Backup and Recovery - Speros - Savannah, GA

Charleston Backup and Recovery Services

In the event of a hurricane, ransomware attack, or another emergency, we will be able to restore your data with…

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Cloud Computing - Speros, GA

Charleston Cloud Computing Services

Enterprise cloud computing solutions will not only help you improve your efficiency, productivity, and network security, but your business will…

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microsoft - office 365- speros - savannah, ga

Charleston Microsoft Office 365 Consulting

Maximize employee productivity and mobility with premier cloud services and advanced security from Office 365 for business.

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Speros Firewall as a Service - Speros - Savannah, GA

Charleston Firewall as a Service Program

Comprehensive firewall protection for an affordable monthly fee.

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Network Switches as-a-Service - Speros - Savannah, GA

Charleston Network Switches as a Service Program

Cloud-managed wi-fi and switches to support your Charleston-based business.

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Surveillance Systems

Surveillance Systems - Speros - Savannah, GA

Charleston Surveillance Systems

View both live and recorded footage of your business locally and remotely.
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CCTV Camera System - Speros - Savannah, GA

Charleston CCTV for Small Business

Monitor activity and deter crime when you install a CCTV camera system at your Charleston business.

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IP Camera System - Speros - Savannah, GA

Charleston IP Camera Systems

IP cameras give you the best video quality, maximum coverage, and the ability to trigger specific events in your camera's…

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Thermal Temperature Monitoring System - Thermal Imaging Camera System - Speros - Savannah, GA

Charleston Thermal Temperature Monitoring Systems

View both live and recorded footage of your business locally and remotely.
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infrared cameras - Speros - Savannah, GA

Charleston Infrared Cameras

Infrared cameras provide reliable detection, delivered 24 hours, every day of the week.

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Cabling Systems

Structured Cabling Systems - Speros - Savannah

Charleston Cabling Systems

Ensure your technology is well supported with the proper infrastructure.
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Cellular Booster - Speros - Savannah, GA

Charleston Cellular Booster Services

Increase cell service and enjoy better connectivity with an amplified signal.

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Point-to-Point Wireless - Speros - Savannah, GA

Charleston Point-to-Point Wireless Systems

Enjoy extended WiFi coverage simply and effectively.

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Audiovisual Systems

Audio Visual Systems - Projector - Speros - Savannah

Charleston Audio Visual Systems

From video conferencing to delivering a presentation, Speros will help you design an audio visual system to fit the needs…

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Live Streaming - Speros - Savannah, GA

Charleston Live Streaming Services

Take your meetings to the next level with video conferencing and collaboration tools.
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Speros Interactive Display Systems - Savannah, GA

Charleston Interactive Display Systems

Take your meetings to the next level with video conferencing and collaboration tools.
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Digital Signage - Speros - Savannah, GA

Charleston Digital Signage Solutions

Create dynamic visual displays for corporate or public spaces easily and affordably.

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Web Design

Web design code displayed on a website - Speros - Savannah

Charleston Web Design

Develop a web presence that your customers will not only find but find valuable.
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Women searching online - SEO - Speros - Savannah, GA

SEO Charleston

What good is a website if no one can find it? Our SEO services ensure that your customers can find…

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Digital Marketing - Speros - Savannah, GA

Charleston Digital Marketing Services

Get in touch and stay in touch with your past, present, and future customers.

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Extranet Websites - Speros - Savannah, GA

Charleston Employee Extranet Portal

Connect your employees to shared content and information with a team website from Speros.

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"Great staff! immediately responsive to our urgent repair requests. They were meticulous in diagnosing our issues and made the repairs as quickly as they could. They are a pleasure to work with! Speros provided emergency repair service during a weekend when our cabling suffered accidental damage. Speros dispatched two technicians that worked tirelessly to restore the multiple severed fiber cables.  It was not long before the entire campus was back to normal.  It was exceptional and timely service by Speros."

Joan Strother
Savannah Country Day

"Speros has been our law firm's primary internet service provider for 10+ years. Rarely do I need to ask for a service work order because they are on top of regular maintenance. Recently, I was getting requests to reboot following critical software, asked to set reboots to be automatic after midnight, so it did not disrupt our workdays. Within 30 minutes of my request, it was done. THAT is good service. THANK YOU, SPEROS Team."

Doug Andrews
Andrews & Sanders Law Firm

"Have worked with Speros for over two decades mostly for old school landline requirements of my medical office.
Now have needed a website design.
In these extremely difficult times for all, I have found Heather, Esther, and Mary Elizabeth a phenomenal team to work thru this new endeavor for my private practice's needs."

Dr. Richard Roth
Roth Aviation Medical Services

"I am starting my own medical practice and have chosen Speros to assist with my logo design, website, IT support and phone systems. Great experience. The team at Speros is knowledgeable and professional."

Dr. Ismary De Castro
Savannah Endocrinology

"Everyone at Speros was very friendly and helpful. They communicated with our existing software/hardware management company and made it out to work on our network quickly on short notice, and had the whole issue solved in very little time. Will use this business again for our network needs. The tech that came out was amazingly easy to work with and was respectful of our hospitals covid-19 policies."

Anthony Phoumivong

"The biggest benefit of having Speros install and maintain our networking, servers, and backups have been the reliability. They provide professional, personalized service and have rapid response times. You can trust Speros to provide you with fast, professional service, and to resolve your complex issues quickly!"

Paul Waldhour
Paper Chemical Supply

"The biggest benefit of having Speros as our IT provider is their fast response times. Speros stays on top of your issues, and they follow through to make sure your problems are resolved correctly. They are a pleasure to work with!"

Ann Cowart
Oelschigs Nursery