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Charleston Cloud Computing Services

Enterprise cloud computing solutions will not only help you improve your efficiency, productivity, and network security, but your business will also be more nimble, agile, and adaptable to any situation.

The Speros Cloud is right for your Charleston business.

Now more than ever, adopting a technology strategy that is adaptable, mobile, and secure should be your top priority. Many businesses were completely unprepared for the shift from in-house operations to being fully remote. Speros can ensure you aren’t left in the dust with our customized cloud computing solutions.

We provide a full suite of solutions that will enable your business to run smoothly regardless of where you are working. Our data center will improve your business’s cloud experience, backup and disaster recovery, reliability, cybersecurity, along with giving you better overall speed, performance, and mobility.

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Charleston Cloud Computing Services

Infrastructure as-a-Service

As an IaaS provider, you will get the latest networking and computing solutions without the expense of purchasing and maintaining a server.

Software as-a-Service

Speros is a Microsoft partner. Our Office 365 consultants ensure that when new versions are released, you will receive the latest update without any downtime.

Increased Security

Speros delivers state of the art Advanced Threat Protection. This will help to mitigate and safe guard against emerging threats not currently known.

Disaster Recovery

Speros offers real-time, off-site data storage. Whether you choose to backup all of your data or just part of it, our team will ensure your data is protected.


Our cloud computing solutions will give you peace of mind. We meet all compliance regulations, including SSAE18, SOC1 and SOC2, HIPAA, and PCI standards.

Hosted VoIP Phones

A hosted PBX, also called an internet phone, virtual phone, or cloud phone, gives you a full office phone system without a huge capital expense.

Benefits of Cloud Computing

Keeping up with the changing landscape is essential for your business’s survival. You simply can’t do that if you’re hanging on to the idea of owning your own equipment. Today’s technologies, including hardware, software, cybersecurity, industry compliances, and anti-threat detection and mitigation systems compelled us to provide comprehensive cloud computing solutions for your business.

With our Charleston cloud hosting services, the cost of upgrading your server goes from being a large capital investment to a monthly operating expense. Our hardware refresh cycles occur once every 3 years to ensure you benefit from the latest hardware. You will have the latest software and updates, and your company’s network will be supported by our IT Professionals, for a reasonable monthly service fee.

Furthermore, the Speros Cloud is protected 24/7 with the latest next generation firewalls, Intrusion Detection and response systems, and Biometric scanners with secure two-phase access for all personnel. We also offer full dedicated redundancy for all services and hardware.

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