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Speros Video Surveillance From Boston To Savannah

Originally posted by Savannah Now

Video surveillance from the finish line of the Boston Marathon appears to have provided a major break in the bombing investigation.

Such video had a real-time impact in Savannah during the May standoff at the Olde Pink House restaurant.

Heather Radtke is vice-president of Speros, the company that runs the Pink House’s security.

“We were right there next to the SWAT department,” Radtke said of the standoff. “With the permission of the owner, we were able to log into the camera system to check the video. We actually had a live technician on site working side-by-side seeing live feeds.”

Radke said that technician worked with police to figure out whether the suspect still was in the building and to guide a remote-controlled robot when officers lost communication because of the restaurant’s thick walls.