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Business Website Design Code On Laptop Computer

How to Make Your Business Website Successful

Whenever I talk to someone about his or her business website, the conversation inevitably goes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Business owners receive countless emails from individuals claiming they cannot find their websites. What follows is usually a list of…

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Savannah ObGyn Launches New Website Created by Speros

(SAVANNAH, GA) Savannah ObGyn is pleased to announce the launch of its newly restructured website, Designed by Speros, a full-service technology company headquartered in Savannah, the site includes resource tabs that provide patients with educational information such as real…

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Speros 2015 Web Design Trends: Responsive

2015 Web Design Trends

Before we start any design work for clients, we do our research. Through our research, we begin to see similarities in the solutions used throughout websites that we feel are examples of superior design. With these examples trends begin to…

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Speros Responsive Web Design

8 Benefits of Responsive Web Design

Whether or not you sell products online, a website is important for your business. Customers will research you online before determining if they will purchase your products or services.[1] According to the UN, an estimated 6 billion people worldwide have…

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